Sample preparation instruments for alpha spectrometry

ElleCell is a deposition instrument and could be used for alpha sample preparation - heavy radioactive isotope separation and deposition from chemical solution onto metal plate. Which will be transfered into alpha spectrometer (we can provide them too).

Instrument design is flexible - enables to use up to 4 deposition cells at once.

Unit itself is manufactured from PTFE Teflon© and stainless steel, anode - from your desired width platinum wire.

Structure is long lasting and durable, created for daily use, electrical connections are classic laboratory style - banana connector, which ensure great contact and no interuptions while working.

Every cell electrical circuit is made individually, so it is possible to do different types of deposition at the same time.

We can also provide direct current power sources (potentiostats).

We can also integrate LED lighting, to let the user know when the cell is active and recieving power.

Depending on buyers wishes we can also create custom cells with these paramaters:

Cell volume and height, deposition disk diameter, anode spiral legth, anode material.

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